Inspext during the course of "Home Inspection" environmental testing may be recommended. Mold tests can rule out the existence of known toxic molds such as severe invasive aspergillosis or stachybotrys. 

Inpsext uses current industry mold sampling methods/standards. Inspext is not an expert in mold and their effect on human physiology and we recommend that you refer to your doctor and other experts.

Inspext provides a professional environmental sampling and testing services. Test samples are evaluated by leading  licensed and accrediated laboratories who specialize in environmental testing and reporting. Laboratory test reports are very consumer friendly.

Environmental Tests
Inspext Performs the following:
  • Mold sampling/ lab results
  • Asbestos sampling / lab results
  • Lead sampling / lab results
  • Radon sampling / lab results
  • Water sampling / lab results

Sample Mold Lab Test Results

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